The Market Suncolor Printing Company Limited is a leading player in the Hong Kong printing industry with a diverse client base that includes advertising agencies, banks, retail establishments, supermarket chains, telecommunication companies and energy suppliers. Being in the business of “Putting Bright Ideas into Print”, Suncolor is focused on presenting appealing two and three-dimensional packages, tailored perfectly to fit the needs of its customers. Clients consistently come back to Suncolor because it never fails to provide a superbly finished product in record time and is able to provide a one-stop service from start to finish. With strong roots in Hong Kong, Suncolor is now using that base to expand into global retail and export markets. For instance, three years ago Suncolor used its base in Hong Kong as a springboard to open a new factory in China, a move that aligned the company with the growing strength of China’s export-driven economy and increased the global perspective of its business. This expansion also enabled Suncolor to gain a larger piece of the rapidly developing domestic market in China, helping the company become a major player in its own right.



Achievements Suncolor has won several awards for excellence in printing and production. In 2005, it won both a Champion’s Award for “Invitation Cards”, based on its use of technology, and a Merit Award for “Deluxe Paper Box Packaging” at the 17th Hong Kong Print Awards. The company also won a Champion’s Award, in 2004, at the 16th Hong Kong Print Awards for an “Annual Report” based on printing quality. After being in the printing business for 15years, Suncolor fully deserves the recognition of Super brand certification. It has grown from a small firm of four people to a company that employs 100people in Hong Kong and another 150 in China. Although the company has yet to be accredited with ISO 9002 certification, it has plans to obtain this industry standard in the near future. Suncolor also takes part in extensive charity work with a number of Buddhist organisations, both locally and overseas, having handled the printing of prayer books for a number of years. At Suncolor, every project, no matter how big or small, is approached with complete professionalism as the company’s reputation depends on the value and personal service provided to loyal customers. The relationship with these Buddhist communities helps to illustrate the name Suncolor has built for itself in terms of trustworthiness and reliable service. Suncolor also contributes to the community through the educational role it plays with various vocational training and graphic design schools in Hong Kong, such as IVE, CO1 and the Polytechnic Institute. Students come to Suncolor to gain hands on, practical experience in graphic design and print production, attracted by the company’s strong professional standing in the industry. The company feels it is critical to make a contribution in this way to help ensure a bright and happy future for Hong Kong, Suncolor’s original and long-standing base.


History Suncolor Printing Company Limited was established on November 1, 1991, with a commitment to provide high quality service to both advertising agencies as well as international and local companies. The founder of the company, Mr. Sunny Ng, spent seven years working in graphic design and had 20 years’ experience in the advertising industry before moving into printing. As a former advertising man, Mr. Ngunder stands the importance of providing high quality service for his clients at all times. Over the years, Mr. Ng has been invited to lecture at various technical institutes in Hong Kong in order to share his expertise with young adults hoping to break into the field of print production upon graduation. He has also been featured in several industry related business magazines including the Graphic Arts Association Bulletin, Full Graphic and Desktop Times. Suncolor has grown significantly and its success is built on the trust of its valued customers. The company has consistently attained the highest quality standards and met the most challenging delivery deadlines throughout the 15 years it has been in business.



The Product Suncolor is a one-stop printing shop that provides a complete service to customers, offering everything from printing and copying to binding and finishing. The company’s extensive production facilities in Hong Kong and China guarantee increased control, efficiency and quality for customers in terms of both product and communication. Indeed, every local company that deals with Suncolor is liaised with an onsite representative who ensures the easy flow of production and communication throughout the entire manufacturing process. Being one of the very few printers in Hong Kong to have E-procurement capabilities and 24-hour/7-daya week non-stop service, global clients are also easily kept abreast of their orders. The implementation of E-procurement at Suncolor has simplified production processes, reduced costs, eliminated the duplication of activities and shortened turnaround time. All of these advantages have been passed on to our clients in the form of superior service and pricing. The success of Suncolor is not so much based on the products we create, at the request of our diverse clientele, but on the efficient service we provide, with minimal interruptions. The speedy flow of service through a detailed processing chain is central to Suncolor’s impeccable reputation for quality delivery. Referring to our long list of world famous clientele, we have produced three dimensional dummy phone display stands, tent cards and pamphlets for Sony Ericsson and Samsung, resulting in exceptional feedback specifically relating to our professionalism in terms of both skill and precision of service. Promotional material relating to real estate agencies has been another successful line of production for Suncolor. No longer settling for mere pamphlets, Suncolor has created a variety of enhanced products including CD’s, portfolios, gift items and booklets to meet customer needs. Suncolor deals with 4A advertising agencies, evaluated by AC Neilson, Standard Poors and Moody, which are world leaders in their own right. In this way, Suncolor has learned from the best in providing outstanding service to high caliber companies who expect nothing less than perfection. Suncolor also has a substantial clientele within the banking industry. Being equally world renowned, these firms have strict deadlines with respect to mail dropping times and therefore both require and demand the high efficiency rate that Suncolor capably provides. Financial service firms, like Mass Mutual and Accenture, and Energy suppliers are also closely linked with Suncolor, with repeat business coming in the form of financial brochures, product leaflet sand specialty items like Scratch & Win cards. Despite being a medium sized company, Suncolor is well diversified in both its clientele and its capability to meet a wide range of highly specific service demands. Rather than remaining tied to only one product line, Suncolor is a company that has decided to take risks in successfully filling a very specialized niche within its field of expertise.



Recent Developments Suncolor is definitely a printing solution company with a difference. During the Internet age, its adoption of Computer-to-Plate (CTP) production technology has made a significant difference on a number of fronts. CTP technology removes several prepress steps to improve the workflow process. By eliminating the need for film, CTP saves customers time and money! As well, it guarantees greater accuracy and with that new levels of efficiency, registration, consistency and print quality. CTP is also an environmentally friendly system with the capacity for easier data storage. Suncolor’s move to China has resulted in increased product precision through the introduction of hands-on tasks such as the creation of three dimensional gift boxes, for which no automated machine can be effectively programmed. Innovative ideas for hand created products are consistently being introduced and tested. For example, tailor made products in small quantities can be made-to order at the request of customers, including such items as condolence albums, wedding party gift set sand real estate presentation kits. Such custom-made items provide clients with the variety and freedom needed to obtain exactly what they desire.


Promotion Suncolor’s reputation is built on client’s word-of mouth recommendations. Indeed, the company has never felt the need to advertise. The company’s name appears on the products it makes, providing a clear demonstration of the high standard Suncolor sets for itself. Over the years, customers have come to recognize the fact that the Suncolor name represents quality, speed and precision.


Brand Values Suncolor’s company logo is a sun with a moon behind it, representing the 24-hour service it offers to clients. Moreover, Suncolor has its own fleet of delivery vehicles, another symbol of reliable, efficient and effective service. Back when the company was formed in 1991, no one could ever have dreamed that Suncolor would reach the size it has grown to today. A firm believer in growing with its customers, Suncolor’s company motto is: “You grow, we grow!” The company vows to maintain its tradition of excellence for many years to come.




• Suncolor recommends that clients use recycled paper and is one of the few printers that can handle scented ink printing effects

• The company sources premium items to meet designer needs and ideas, ranging from unique cloths to special oils, coloured sand or any other conceivable material one might think of. Whatever customers imagine, Suncolor creates and delivers!

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